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Electrician services in the Western Suburbs Mumbai has a wealth of expertise, which speaks volumes about the reputation and validity of our excellent services. The Electric Company is well renowned for its ability to meet the demands of both commercial and residential clients. Since its establishment in 1995, The Electric Company has garnered accolades for its remarkable portfolio of completed projects.

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Commercial Wiring

Owing to our extensive expertise in this field, we are able to provide our clients with very dependable Commercial Electrical Wiring Service.

Residential Wiring

Nearly every aspect of your home, from the kitchen remodel to the porch light, the bedroom fan, and even the home generator, relies on the quality of your residential electrical wiring.

Electrical Panel

Panels and switchboards made by Chauhan Electricals offer performance that leads the industry. delivering fault tolerance, sophisticated protection, and smooth interaction with control and energy management systems.

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